Who we are:

The CSULB chapter of IBA is a subsidiary of the International Business Association of Southern California, a division of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. IBA highlights the international business arena to our members through speakers, workshops, and events. Our goal is to prepare you to succeed in the business world of today where capital markets are becoming increasingly global. IBA is a student-run nonprofit organization committed to providing its members with a tangible understanding of international business and global issues through incomparable networking opportunities with multinational corporations, professional trade associations and others within the business community.  

What we offer:

IBA furnishes its members with the appropriate resources and exposure necessary to develop exceptional leaders and driven team players. Special speakers, workshops, professional events and social events are exclusively coordinated to encourage proactive participation that goes beyond nominal book learning to help its members find valuable internships and careers.



  • Develop a competitive edge with important social, professional, and leadership skills
  • Gain insight and advice through our distinguished speaker series
  • Attend special events with opportunities to network with notable international business organizations and firms, government offices, and peers who will be your colleagues one day
  • Expand your network and acquire invaluable contacts from distinguished speakers and alumni
  • Become an active participant in the business community
  • Stay informed on internship and employment opportunities and campus news
  • Make lasting bonds with fellow business majors and interact with students that have a similar academic background who will soon be leaders of the business world
  • Learn about all the different aspects of business and find out what it takes to make it
  • Give back! Participate in coordinated community activities, and much more
  Prospective students from any major are always welcome! If you have any questions, please contact us.