Past Events

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Outstanding Collaboration

Etiquette Dinner with DSP and HSBA

Etiquette Dinner was an event that IBA collaborated with DSP and HSBA to host. The event was hosted about 40 members from the three organizations and included a guest speaker Diane Lee, who is certified by the Protocol School of Washington and a training specialist at the Disneyland Resort. Ms. Lee introduced proper manners and etiquette at a professional dinner setting.

This included many different techniques such as how utensils should be placed on the dinner table, how utensils should be held, how to properly eat the food presented. Etiquette Dinner with a sharing vision of helping more of the CSULB students to learn the effective ways to build on networking skills and to learn about social dining etiquette in order to be more competitive after they graduate.

The goal of this event was for students to get the experience needed to have dinner properly with a professional. Most students don’t know the unwritten rules to having dinner in a professional setting; however, with this event there are now more students who can have an advantage in their field because they know little things such as knowing how to have dinner with a professional.

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Corporate Connections with HSBA and HRMA


Corporate Connections was an event hosted by HSBA that IBA collaborated with. The event brought members together to connect and network with professionals from a range of industries. Over 20 different professionals arrived to the event from companies such as iHeart Radio, New York Life Insurance, Angels Baseball, Boeing, and many more.

The goal of this event was to help students gain experience in a professional networking setting. Participating in networking events is going to happen many times throughout our careers, so with attending events like these at the beginning of our careers helps students learn how to properly go about networking at future events.

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Port of Long Beach Tour with FMA, AMA, HSBA, and SAM


The Port of Long Beach Tour was an event hosted by IBA with members from FMA, AMA, HSBA and SAM in attendance. The tour had about 60 people in attendance from multiple organizations from CBA. This tour was designed in which all members entered a boat where it took everyone around and within the port itself. During the tour, there was a CSULB Alumni and former International Business major that was an employee at the port and spoke about the history, functions, and mechanisms of the port. A few of the discussions involved when the port was built, how much profit the port makes, how much the port imports and exports, and how big the port is compared with the rest of the ports around the world.

The goal of this event was for students to learn about different opportunities right here within Long Beach alone. The Port of Long Beach is one of the largest ports in the world and has hundreds of companies that are needed to make it run successfully. These companies range from freight ships, supplying, and those who import and export products to the port. With the opportunity to learn about leadership and how the economy works with international trade, why not learn about it at the heart of where it all happens? At the Port of Long Beach. 

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Outstanding Professional Development

Mainfreight Corporate Tour

IBA always looks forward to building strong relationship with International Shipping and Global Trade Enterprises. In Fall 2016, IBA was invited by Mainfreight to visit their facility in Carson.
For more information about Mainfreight, check out their website at

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Guest Speaker Series


This semester, IBA continued their guest speaker series which included 4 different appearances. These appearances came from representatives of Wan Hai Lines, Mainfreight, New York Life Insurance, and Honda.  This gave speakers the opportunity to talk about how they were able to develop into their respective career paths within the realm of international business.

With international business being such a broad major and topic, IBA decided that having professionals discuss how they are involved in their businesses would help members get a better understanding of the path to go on after graduation. IBAs goal for this was for members to understand the real world of international business, along with what to expect after graduation.

The feedback that the organization received from its members were very positive. The most enjoyed speakers were those who had stories to share about their experiences working abroad or starting abroad and coming over to the United States. Learning about the variety of work environments in different nations around the world and how these nations do business was the main thing that our members enjoyed.

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Networking Event


Being able to connect and network is one of the most important things when it comes to business. It is how many partnerships are created and how businesses can grow. The event IBA attended was a speed networking event from the Long Beach Young Professionals Speed Networking Social. This event gave members the opportunity to experience a professional event where about 30 professionals from different companies attended.

IBAs goal for this event was for members to gain experience and build networks with professionals from an outside setting. This event helped members improve their networking, speaking, and communication skills.

Members found this to be one of the more appreciated events of the year because they had the opportunity to experience a real networking event outside of school. Many members felt that they were more prepared and comfortable to attend future networking events after being thrown into an intense speed networking event.

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IBA Port of Long Beach Tour


The Port of Long Beach Tour is an event that is held to help and inspire international business students. It is a boat tour that takes place at the port going around and as far into the port as possible to show how the port functions with its importing and exporting of freight. Throughout the tour, there is a former CSULB international business major who is an employee at the port talking about the history, leadership roles, and discusses the different steps for the port to be as much of an asset as it is to the global economy.

The goal for this event was for students and members to experience what it is like to work at the port and how much of an affect every employee has on the world. There are many opportunities within international business however, sometimes the path is not always clear. With this event, IBA is able to help students one of the many paths there are right here in Long Beach for those wanting to do international business.

This event was the number one favorite for our members throughout the year. Also, students within CBA found the tour to be a great experience and very helpful in understanding one of the ways to advance toward their career paths. The event brought much attraction to the organization and to the college.

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Mock Interview


When it comes to interviews, there are many times in which applicants get very nervous and anxious. With this event, IBA wanted to create a setting that helped members have mock interviews with professionals that hold interviews for their respective companies. The professionals at this event accessed members on their interview skills and gave feedback in regards to posture, confidence in speech, how well questions were answered, pitch and tone of voice, and much more.

The goal for this event was to help students get over the fear of interviews and help them become more confident the next time they have an interview. Having this event with professionals that hold real interviews for their companies was effective because it gave members that real-life experience of having an interview with a manager.

The feedback for this event gave us insight on how effective mock interviews are. Although there are many opportunities on campus and picking up part-time jobs to gain this experience, it is different when being interviewed for a full-time position. The members that attended this event found it very helpful and although the nerves will still be there, they feel much more confident about their next interview.


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Etiquette Dinner


This event was designed for members that do not know how to eat dinner with professions to learn how to properly eat in a respectful manner in a business setting. At this event, IBA had a guest speaker, Diane Lee, discuss and teach members everything there is to eating with a professional. These tips and skills were how to eat certain dishes such as salad, entrees, and dessert, how to hold utilize utensils, and manner/etiquette at the dinner table.

IBAs goal for this event was to teach members how to eat dinner with professionals. Being business majors, there will be a time where you may be asked to go out to lunch or dinner with a professional that is of higher authority in his or her career and knowing eating etiquette is an advantage to anyone trying to get the job or advance within their career, or company.

The feedback for this event was also very pleasing because many members did not know that there were so many “unwritten rules” when it comes to eating with a professional. Etiquette is key, and many members found this event to be very helpful because going out for lunch or dinner with a manager for one-on-one discussion, or a business meeting is something that will occur often.